Continuing Professional Development

for health and social care professionals working with people who have

Neurological Conditions

Our partner

NeuroEducation is a partner in the Centre for Community Neurological Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University. We have supported and delivered neurological qualifications with them for over 15 years. We are delighted to be involved with such a successful project.

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Vocational Certificate in


The Award

Successful completion of the course will give you either, a) Vocational Certificate in Epilepsy, or b) University Certificate in Health Sciences. Both are Leeds Metropolitan University Awards, which can count to other awards at Leeds Metropolitan University or other UK universities through their Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) procedures.

Perhaps more importantly you can achieve your own personal development through this course and it is recognised by Epilepsy Action as a worthwhile and valid means to gain knowledge and be helpful to others who have epilepsy.

Admission requirements

You will be eligible to register if you have either:
An "A" level or equivalent, or level 3 NVQ or GNVQ in an appropriate subject, and you are in a position to apply your learning and experience to people with epilepsy.

Acceptance to study for the award is at the discretion of the University.

Course Content

An introduction to epilepsy (Diagnosis, Seizure types and syndromes, Prognosis), Treating Epilepsy, Organising Epilepsy Care, Social implications, Psycho-social implications, Providing information.

Aims of the courses

Provides a flexible distance learning programme enabling you to gain a recognised qualification in epilepsy

  • Allows you to gain an understanding of epilepsy and the difficulties people who have the condition face in their everyday lives
  • Contributes to your personal development and enhances your ability to interact with health and social care providers or assist people who have epilepsy themselves
  • Enables you to help others improve their knowledge of epilepsy